Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Nature Notes - the Burr Oak!

Hi Michelle and other Nature Noters! I'm back! What Mother Nature has been up to in my neck of the woods is depositing a wonderful grandson on my doorstep :) This is Donovan!

I have been re-adjusting, but I think I have time to blog again, and I have missed it and all of you!

I take Donovan on long stroller rides every day - weather permitting. And, one of the things that we stumbled across was these big, shaggy acorns! I had never seen anything like them. They were only under a certain tree, so we grabbed one or two every time we went by... We put them in a bowl for a fall display, and googled them. They turned out to be acorns from the Burr Oak!

I have prepared this post so as to participate in the Nature Notes meme over at .